Testimonials from Valerian Homes LLC. Customers;

Paradise Vista New Home Owners May 1, 2012

**Building a house with Valerian Homes has been a wonderful experience. Our
first contact from 3,000 miles away was prompted by the fact that their
website had floor plans, and we could actually envision ourselves adapting
one of the models to suit our needs. Following many dozens of emails to
Valerian Homes, we were sufficiently encouraged to drive out and see Paradise
Vista for ourselves.

After selling our East Coast house we returned to Oregon, Valerian Homes helped us
find temporary housing in Grants Pass which would accommodate us and our
dogs during construction, and Valerian started to build on the lot which had
wowed us.

Working with Alan Bissell and his crew was a blast. They all did their best
to turn out a quality product (Alan’s favorite expression is, “we just want
you to be happy”). Alan keeps current on building codes and new
technologies and makes sure that the crew and the subcontractors follow
them. He also hires people who have a pride in their workmanship, and we
were truly impressed by the attention to detail.
What really struck us was the overall camaraderie among the workers and the
fact that they seemed to enjoy their work. They were very happy to have us
visit the site on a daily basis and to work with us to truly customize the
house. We consider them our friends, and I know we will visit other lots
under construction occasionally just to say “hi”.

Doug and Teri Poe / Castle Heights Subdivision, Grants Pass

**“Building a home with Valerian Homes as a partner has exceeded our expectations. We knew from the beginning that the team would do whatever is humanly possible to make sure our dreams came true.

From the first conversation we had about what we wanted in a new home to the finished product it has been such a rewarding experience.

When the lots in the subdivision would not accommodate a traditional 3 car garage with RV parking, The Valerian Team came up with an alternative that was not a cookie cutter design of most 3 car garages without losing the 3rd bay. The rest of the design of the home was beyond our imaginations. Alan took the plans and with his ub-contractors has turned the design into a reality. Every time we would stop by the house to see the progress, Alan took the time to walk us through the house to see the progression. Alan takes great pride in his workmanship and that of his sub-contractors and it shows in every inch of our home.

As a couple who have not had a lot of experience with interior design, Maureen was there with suggestions and ideas but never pushy as she had to remind us often, ‘this is your house.’ As a couple who had no idea what it would take to build a house this has been a professional, comfortable, pleasing experience. We can’t thank Bill, Alan and Maureen enough for taking us under their wings and guiding us through this experience.”

Brent Battles, Scenic Bayou Subdivision, Grants Pass

**” I am an owner-builder in Valerian’s Scenic Bayou development.  I was fortunate to have been able to purchase a beautifully sited lot on which to build one of Valerian’s home designs but incorporating a number of changes to suit my needs and the views available from that lot.  While Valerian’s package price for building my home was very attractive, especially considering the quality of construction, I wanted to do a good deal of the work myself including drawing the plans and acting as my own general contractor.  Alan Bissell, the contractor partner in the Valerian team, has been absolutely incredible in helping me make the project successful and fun.  He is known as the most “hands-on” construction manager in the area, and is constantly available to me for counsel and encouragement.  I have been able to use many of his sub-contractors for work I was not interested in accomplishing personally, and I have found each of them to be outstanding.  Importantly, they all work together seamlessly to achieve Valerian’s level of quality.  It is clear that Alan’s attitude and integrity are reflected in each of these sub-contractors, and it has been a joy to work with each of them. ”